Health and Peace and EFFORTLESS INNERGY
— Wifty Bangura



Wifty Bangura is a multifaceted creative specializing in sound. Discovering their love for music at the age of 9, Wifty was able to learn the basics by going to concerts with their father, a reggae singer. They are a versatile veteran with 6 years of training as a classical vocalist and 10 years of performing experience. Wifty’s Sierra Leonean roots have a big influence on their music as they grew up listening to West African reggae.  They’re also influenced by Alternative Indie, Boombap Hip-Hop, Jazz, Romantic Classical music, and Psychedelic Funk. Along with being a musician, Wifty has dedicated part of their life to teaching voice, music theory, and directing choirs. “My goal as creative is to help people feel like it's okay to be uncomfortable in their growth because it’s normal. And I’m growing along with everyone else.